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How to start up a YouTube Channel!

How to start up a YouTube Channel!

How to start up a YouTube Channel!

how to start up your YouTube channel! People make three big mistakes on YouTube. First, many feel like they need a high-end production team and fancy equipment. Tim says you can grow a very successful channel with basic equipment.


Your smartphone may be sufficient, depending on the type of content you want to make, the audience you want to reach, and the image you want to present for your brand. Start with what you have, and possibly invest in a lens for your camera and an external microphone to clip into your phone.

Sometimes, a full production studio works against you, because the people have a different content focus and expect higher quality. YouTube viewers, on the other hand, are very forgiving of a shaky handcam if the value of the content is high.

Second, people don’t pay enough attention to the titles and thumbnails of their videos. Most of your YouTube traffic will come from related videos, suggested by YouTube, when users are viewing other content; an enticing title and thumbnail drive those clicks.

Channel Strategy

How to start up a YouTube Channel!

how to start up your YouTube channel? It’s important to know your target audience and be clear on the value you’re proposing to deliver to them.

Before people will consume your content, they want to know if it’s for them and why they should care about it. To hook your viewers in the opening of your videos, address your target audience by pitching the value of the video, do some quick branding, and introduce yourself. Then deliver the value.

How to Customize Your Channel

why you should start up a YouTube channel, Think of setting up your channel like you’re opening a restaurant. You need to get the mood lighting right, put systems in place to serve customers well, and order all of the tables and chairs. After you open for business, you invite people to come in. Hopefully, they’ll have a good experience and come back to your restaurant.

The same thing is true for YouTube. You want to set it up so once people discover your channel, they’ll stay, watch videos, subscribe, and become part of your community.

Start with the header image at the top of your channel. most people don’t realize it, but if you look at your YouTube Analytics under Subscribers, you’ll see that the majority of people subscribe by clicking the red Subscribe button underneath the header image, as opposed to the Subscribe button underneath every video. Tim shares that for every person who hits Subscribe under one of his videos, he has seen as many as 400 subscribers from the front of the channel.

In your header image, try to communicate your value to your target audience as visually as possible.While you can put text on your image, most people just glance at it and move on.A good example is Sorted Food, which does a good job with their channel trailer, header image, and channel setup.

Trailers communicate your value proposition in more detail (in about 30 to 45 seconds). Quickly hook people at the beginning with a greeting, and then pitch your value and offer a few examples. End with a strong call to action to subscribe.

Getting Subscribers

How to start up a YouTube Channel!

There are a few big ways to get subscribers.

One way is through collaboration with channel owners who already have existing audiences that might relate to your topic. You need to think “Where is my audience and who else has them?” For example, if you have an energy drink, don’t collaborate only with energy drink channels. Consider reaching out to health and fitness people, or gamers for that matter. To collaborate, you can simply get together with someone and make a video. Or make a video that highlights your partner on your channel while they make a video that highlights you on their channel; promoting each other to your respective audiences.

The takeaway is that you want to intentionally build relationships with other creators who share your audience.your number-one traffic source for new subscribers will likely be from related videos. People will click on a video, even if they’ve never heard of you, as long as the title and thumbnail pitch value to them. As a result, you get watch-time (the length of time people spend watching your videos), and then those videos begin to rank well, which means they’re shown to others.

To really grow an audience,you need to do four things. First, deliver good value to viewers. Second, do it consistently. Third, ask people to subscribe. And fourth, tell viewers why they should subscribe. The fourth is important because active YouTube viewers get requests to subscribe all the time.

Does having subscribers make a difference for future views? if you’re trying to earn AdSense revenue, Google doesn’t pay you for the number of subscribers. They pay you for the number of interactions that your viewers have with ads on your content.(10,000 VIEWS MINIMUM TO JUST SIGN UP)