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The Future of “going Live” on Social Media Platforms

the past year, it seems as though almost everyone is going “live.” You know,
those notifications on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram giving us real-time
looks or even exclusive, behind the scenes footage. Yes, this phenomenon on our
social feeds has only increased to becoming almost a daily occurrence, meaning
it’s not going away anytime soon.

While the practice of live streaming has been around longer than the webcam, the usage of it on social media is still in its infancy. Of course, a this evolution stems from the natural progression from simply taking short videos on mobile phones to broadcasting them on social networks. We now look towards social as one of our primary providers of news and entertainment, with live feeds giving us an immediate look at the world.Whether it be a music festival or protest, we’re constantly seeing events as they unfold. And when we think back to the power that social media has brought on in the past, this is only going to add more fuel to the fire. The influence that live streaming is only going to get more powerful in the future, as people will find usage for it like we’ve never seen before. Even as much as it seemed like the next logical step, live streaming is an enormous step towards changing social media forever.

Live Streaming Has Exploded

If you’re on Facebook,
then at some point today you’ll most likely receive a notification that some
person or company is “Live.” It’s no secret why Facebook promotes these posts
as they not only are happening in real time, but that immediate access plays a
significant role in looking at our audience as well as when they’re

And while Facebook has been one of the most prominent players in the world of live streaming, other social platforms have started to catch on to the wave as well. The current trend has shown YouTube and Facebook being tied almost neck-and-neck, with Snapchat closely behind. Going live on facebook influences new followers and for you to reach the pinnacle you planning to reach you should really invest in Buy Live views to speed up the process of getting the recognition you sorely deserve

One insight gleaned from this new trend is the growing relationship of streaming platforms, like Netflix and Hulu, opening the door for us to receive live content on social platforms. As we’ve gravitated away from our TV’s and more towards our phones, tablets, and computer, these outlets have become primary sources to receiving news and entertainment. In fact, this change has been occurring so rapidly that the most recent presidential debates were some of the most popular live streams in history. However, it’s not just news and media outlets taking part as brands have been entering the live streaming realm too.

Where Brands Fit In

Brands usage of live streaming has entered the market in a variety of different ways. From product launches to social campaigns, live streams have provided brands with an opportunity to connect with their audiences in real-time in a way we haven’t seen before.

Viewers can now react
as an event is happening, giving marketers immediate feedback into gauging the
response of a campaign or product. More, this can help curb “social media”
disasters as if the video is getting a poor response; then they can cut the
cord immediately. In yet, so far the responses have been great, giving
marketers and brands a leg up in terms of creating more engagement within their

With New Trends, the Tech Is To Follow

As live streaming has become more ubiquitous, tech companies
have followed suite in creating new ways to be able to stream. Not only have we
found ways for drones to live stream
that foundation has also transformed into more companies entering the market as

For example, companies like Freecast are setting the bar
regarding innovation within the live streaming industry. Freecast offers users
the ability to stream straight from their camera onto any platform. This is not
only the first instance of being able to broadcast HDMI-enabled footage but
additionally being able to have multiple cameras and angles all on the same
feed. While they’re still an early one to market, it’s showing that live
streaming is here to stay, and with it will only come more and more changes in
how we digest media.

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5 Valid Reasons Why Artists struggle with social media, and how they could succeed

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: social media is here to stay! It is changing the way the art world works and how people are buying art.

Perhaps you’re aware of the opportunity, and you’re giving it your best effort. You log into Facebook and share your latest work. You tweet every other day. But, it hasn’t been giving you the results you expected. You get discouraged. You do even less with social media. Does this sound familiar? 

Here are some common reasons that artists struggle with social media and how to overcome them:

1. “I Don’t Know What to Write”

You probably think authors and poets have it easy when it comes to social media. They always know what to say, right? That may be true, but visual artists actually have the advantage. In recent years, led by the popularity of Pinterest, social media has been trending away from words towards images. According to new Twitter data, tweets with images are 35% more likely to be shared than text-only tweets. And Pinterest and Instagram were designed to be visual platforms.

So, don’t worry about what you say. Instead, give fans and consumers a glimpse into your world. Share a work in progress or a picture of you in your studio. Snap a shot of your new supplies, or simply share an image that inspires you. It may seem trite, but your fans will enjoy getting a peek into your creative process.

2. “I Don’t Have Time”

We understand that you’d rather be creating than worrying about posting on social media at certain times of day. Luckily, there are a number of free and easy-to-use tools out there that make this task much simpler. Buffer and Hootsuite are both popular options, allowing you to auto-schedule posts and shorten links. That way you can take care of an entire week of posts (across all your social media platforms) in one sitting.

If you’re looking for a way to fill your feed with interesting articles and inspiration from other artists, try out Feedly. This platform lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and magazines (Art Biz Blog, ARTnews, Artist Daily, etc.), read all their most recent posts in one spot, and easily share articles on your Twitter and Facebook feeds right from there.

3. “I Don’t See Returns”

When you first build a social presence, it’s likely going to be small.  It’s easy to be discouraged by those small numbers and feel that you’re not making an impact, or that your effort is not seeing rewards. Don’t give up just yet! When it comes to social media, quality is more important than quantity. It’s okay if you only have 50 Facebook page likes on your Facebook page if those 50 people are actively engaged and sharing your content. In fact, that’s better than having 500 people who ignore your posts! Focus on the followers you do have and give them content they will enjoy. When they share your work, it’s not just those 50 people seeing your talent; it’s their friends, and the friends of their friends.

Over time, if growth just isn’t happening, it isn’t you. Your target audience might not hang out on the social media platform that you’re currently using. Take some time to think about who you are trying to reach, and then dig around to find out where these people hang out online. Design your social media strategy backwards with your audience and goal in mind, and select the right platform based on that goal.

4. “I’ll Just Post and Be Done with It”

Social media is called “social” for a reason. If you just throw up a post and never engage with your users or the post again, it’s like walking into a party and standing alone in the corner. What’s the point? Think of it this way; social media is a way to have a conversation with your customers and fans. If you aren’t participating in conversations or reaching out to other people, you’re not doing it right!

Here are a few strategies: If someone posts a comment on your blog or Facebook, make sure you reply within 24 hours. Even a simple “Thanks!” will go a long way in terms of engagement, because it makes people feel good to know that you’re reading their posts and that there is a real person behind the page. A great way to spark a conversation is to pose a question on Facebook. Ask people to name a new piece of art that you created or ask what they think of a show at a local gallery or museum.

5. “I Don’t Understand It”

Do you ever feel like there’s a new social network to learn every few months when you haven’t gotten a handle on the first one? Social media can be frustrating and ineffective if you don’t know what you should be doing on that platform. Know that you aren’t alone in this! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask a friend or first-born child if they can show you around a Facebook page. Chances are they’ll know enough to make you comfortable and maybe even show you a trick or two. If you’ve exhausted your personal network and still feel unsure of what you’re doing, there’s plenty of great content out there to guide you through it. Here are a few places to start:

Ultimately know that you aren’t going to do anything with one post that will ruin your entire career. This is a low-stakes, high-reward activity that can be career-changing!

You don’t have to do it all, either! Develop a strong social strategy by checking out “Which Social Media Channel is Right for Your Art Business?”

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How to Make Money on TikTok App, A Step By Step Guide To Get You Started!

If you are a teenager, there can be limited
opportunities to make cash for your skills. Some talented young musicians,
though, have discovered how they can make money on (Now TikTok)

the benefit of anybody over the age of 21, we recently profiled Top 20 Influencers Who Have Built Small Media Empires
for Themselves. In that article, we explained what is, and
profiled some of the hottest young talents who star on the platform today.

DMR has tried to curate statistics relating to, although as they observe, it can be much harder to find hard facts and figures about than for the more prominent social networks. However, DMR reports that currently has 200 million users, 60 million of whom use the network each month.

an average of 13 million videos per day uploaded,’s young users love
showcasing their talent. It must be remembered that many of these will be
lip-synching copies of pop songs.

all of this interest by 13-21 year-olds, it was inevitable that brands who
target this demographic would take notice. This means that there are now income
opportunities for the more talented, outgoing and influential of the youngsters.

One of the top muser’s is Ariel Martin, aka
@BabyAriel. Ariel has over 20 million followers. She has now turned
it into a full-time job and works with brands such as Sour Patch Kids and
Universal Studios.

does operate a multi-platform campaign, working on Instagram, Snapchat, and
YouTube as well. It is not uncommon for the top deals across the three
platforms to generate six-figure incomes for the musers.

course, the secret to success on is the same as every other social
network. You need to be forever engaging. If you want to make money on, you first need people to notice you. You don’t even have to be
musically talented. Quite a few of the more popular acts still lip synch, and
some have expanded their repertoire into comedy.

have been willing to pay $200 to $20,000 per branded video promoted by
influencers, depending on the individual’s level of influence.

But the most natural way for
the talented performers to make money, however, is on’s live
streaming app, burst upon the world in
mid-2016. According to, the top 10 performers made on average
$46,000 over a two week period in those early days. Bart Baker earned
$30,000 from his first dozen performances.

If you earn money through, you do have to share some of it. Apple’s iTunes takes a 30% cut, and then takes a further 20%. Presumably, Google has a similar arrangement as Apple does for payments made through the Android app.

Lauren Godwin discovered the
benefits of performing on She can take in $40,000 a monthfor her performances, making $600 to $3,000 per performance, depending on how
long she performs.

How the Payment System Works

The youngsters who use
can buy virtual coins – 100 coins for $0.99.

When viewers like a particular
performance on they can use their virtual coins to buy emoji which pop
up on the screen during a live performance. These emoji come at a range of
prices, from five cents for a panda head up to $50 for a blue creature with a
halo, wearing a pink dress.

The more somebody is prepared
to gift the performer the more prominent their name displays on the screen for
everybody to see.

The better performers encourage
their followers to support them. They give a shout out to their more generous

This appeals to the youngsters
who watch these videos. They love the public praise they receive if they make a
significant enough donation.

Plus there will always be the
collectors, who deliberately aim to buy one of each available emoji.

The shout-outs can generate
even more than the virtual emoji gifts can. Viewers quite often buy their stars
gifts, just so they can hear their heroes shout-out their name.

The more organized musers
include honors boards on their pages showing everybody who their top
contributors are.

To the hip youngsters of
Generation Z, this is a form of a pay-to-play system. They are happy to pay
their virtual dollars (using real cash of course,), to be part of the

The nearest their parents got
to public recognition like this came with old-style telethons, where you saw
your name flash across the screen if you made a significant enough donation.
Today’s youngsters can see their name instantly appear in their “programs,” and
can even chat with their heroes.

Essential Elements of’s Gift Points Policy

Although people buy tokens to
spend on emoji, technically they are buying Gift Points. Part of the
Gift Points Policy states that “You may exchange gift points purchased by
you for Gifts to be used by you for other Users.” Technically, the fans are
giving gifts to the performers.

The performers can “redeem such
gift points anytime, provided that each User may redeem no more than $1000 in
any calendar day/week with the minimum amount being $100 for each request.”

With Apple and
keeping half the proceeds between them, this means that performers will receive
$100 for every 20,000 coins that people donate to them.

Even Mainstream Artists Use and Now

The service has come a long way
in a short time. Initially, it was just children who supported the service, and
serious musicians ignored it. As the bulk of amateurs lip-sync, one of the
first things that had to do was to set up arrangements with major
recording studios, for their music to be used.

Over time several mainstream
celebrities discovered the popularity of the service, and that it is where many
of their fans spend their spare time. Hence, you will find that mainstream musicians
like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Gwen Stefani now frequent the site.

This, of course, has a snowball
effect. The more celebrities see their peers operating on a service, the more
likely that they will go and try it out. This, in turn, keeps their fans
interested and increases their music sales.

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Learn How Entrepreneurs Make Millions Overnight

There are three basic ways of earning money which include trading time for money, trading money for money and trading expertise/value for money.

Society and the formal education system promote the first method of earning money which involves trading time for money.  In other words, you work for someone else for a specific amount of time and then they pay you.  Working for someone else drains your energy and you don’t make much money.

The second way to earn money is utilized by a small portion of the population and involves trading money for money.  In other words, you are earning money through investing.  Investing can be risky because if you lack additional funds then how can you invest any money in the first place?  Therefore, many people can’t even try this option because they only have enough money to pay their bills.

The third way to earn money is the best option.  This entrepreneurial option involves trading expertise/value for money.  This is the strategy of entrepreneurial experts.  You have a flexible schedule, work less, and earn more.  You can make thousands of dollars a day in this option.

In order to earn money through trading expertise/value for money you need to first figure out who you are and what you can give to others.  What information do you know that could help others?  You can find value from previous work experience or even from your hobbies.  From this you can create your intellectual property.

What is Intellectual property?  How big is the market for Intellectual property?  Is there room for you in the Intellectual property market?  These may be a few of the questions you have when you are investigating the information marketing business.  First of all, anyone can create intellectual property.  You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist.  You just need to have an area or expertise, or access to an expert, and a drive to succeed.

Intellectual property combines e-commerce and book publishing.  For example, you can write and sell an eBook.  Recent research has found that approximately 6 out of every 10 American adults surf the Internet on a daily basis seeking out entertainment, education, and to shop for products.  People are more comfortable buying online then in the past.  The market through the Internet is global and encompasses millions of people.  Therefore, the information marketing business has room for everyone, you can go through a range or online marketing platforms on the internet for your business profile or Brand, through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

When you market on the Internet, you market to your niche.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry whether or not your neighbor will want to buy your product.  The Internet opens the niche market for you. for example if you have more Instagram followers you easily dominate competition hence this is the most popular platform for marketers.

If creating and selling intellectual property on the Internet is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing this?  The formal educational system and previous societal beliefs are to blame.  In school, we are taught to finish school and then become an employee at a company.  The entrepreneurial spirit is not promoted; in fact it is almost shunned.

Don’t let societal beliefs stop you.  The intellectual property market is wide, diverse, and ready to fill your pocket book with cash.

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Do you have your networking marketing strategy ready for 2019?

Otherwise, we do not blame you.Since 2018 was a year for promotion to say the least.

Facebook was shrouded in controversy Because of Its algorithm Affects and privacy issues. Instagram eventually came into its own by rolling out a lot of company features while at the same time passing the one-billion consumer mark.

All the while manufacturers obtained bolder, starting and that is conscious apparently contentious campaigns as clients wish to view brands receive actual. And that does not even scrape the surface.

Last year’s phenomena Together with this season emerging trends have abandoned entrepreneurs with an awareness of analysis paralysis. Where would you go from here?

Maybe what matters most is that you have a plan at all. We
have broken down the steps to creating a networking marketing strategy to take
you through 2019 from sitting on the sidelines to maintain your brand.

1. Establish goals that address your most important

First things you Want to Determine what you need Out at large of networking.Its more clients. Maybe it is a Share of voice. In Any Event, Do Not Forget That social media preparation is A marathon.

Brands should try to set targets which are really
attainable. By way of instance, shooting a million Instagram followers in 2019
is not likely to take place. By handling realistic goals, you can scale your
attempts in a means that is both inexpensive and sensible.

And your goals will probably impact everything. Sample Social Media Goals for 2019, Below are some aims that brands of shapes And sizes.

Boost brand awareness. To make authentic and brand consciousness, avoid publishing messages. Concentrate on content highlights your nature and sets your followers before the tough sell.

Attain a quality of earnings. Digging through your societal channels is almost impossible without tracking or listening to certain key words, phrases or hashtags. Through effective networking you reach your core audience quicker.

Drive in-house earnings. Many Companies are on the search for a networking marketing strategy that compels sales. Is your brand currently boosting to lure people to come see you? Are you currently about to what is going on such as action shots and promotions of your shop, alerting clients?

Boost ROI. Favorable social networking ROI does not occur by accident. Taking the opportunity to audit your societal stations will help keep the expense of work, advertisements and creatives down. The end-result is currently squeezing way more.

Produce a loyal fanbase. Can your brand encourage user-generated content? Do your followers respond with no type of initiation? Your clients are your cheerleaders and resources of content that is new, but only as long as you are encouraging them to article for your benefit.

Better heartbeat the industry. Which are the competitors doing this seems to be operating? What strategies are they having to induce revenue or involvement? Such evaluation can help you better understand how to place your brand both and away.

Any Mix of those aims will help you understand that which
networks to handle and is fair game. Keep your networking marketing strategy
easy instead of muddling it, when in doubt?

2. Research your crowd

Making premises is a game for entrepreneurs. And Because of the wealth of information and social networking analytics programs on the market, you truly don’t need to anymore. A lot of everything you want to know about your viewers
Influence your networking marketing strategy is out in the open.

Take the current Social Networking demographics for example. Here’s a Fast picture of data points from 2018 which are worth noting for the social websites:

This Data is not fluff. These numbers talk what kinds of content to print and to which networks your manufacturer should strategy. Here are some takeaways:

Facebook and YouTube are equally prime areas for advertisements, possibly due in part to their high-earning user foundations

The Vast Majority of all Instagram’s consumers are under the age of 30, signaling that the strength of daring, eye-popping content which oozes with character

Girls hugely outnumber men on Pinterest that can be known to boast the highest average order value for societal shoppers

LinkedIn’s user base is well-educated, which Makes It a hub for comprehensive, industry-specific content which May be more complex than what you find on Facebook or Twitter

And what about your customers Even though the demographics
information above provides insight into every station to you? Before you can
know your client demographics on 17, further investigation has to be performed.

That is why many manufacturers use a social networking dash
which may offer a synopsis of who is after you and also how they interact with
you on every station. Manufacturers nowadays are currently employing some type
of dash.

But, is it true that your dash tie into your objectives? In
which their target market is hanging outside brands ought to be. A dashboard
such as the 1 Sprout provides can help you double-check that you are spending
some time targeting the channels.

Whether you are a service providing a business company
discovering your demographics or insights for your clientele, a dashboard
solution is crucial.

3. Establish your main metrics

No Matter what you are selling, your networking strategy ought to be data-driven. That means focusing on the societal networking metrics which matter.

Since While “enjoys” and stocks really are nice to own,
but they amount to little more than dressing up metrics whenever they are not
leading to purposeful engagement or earnings. What are your countless followers
in the event that you cannot perform anything with them?

Engagement metrics are Crucial to creating relationships.
Massive viewers and likable content is very good, but below are a few extra
metrics to keep tabs in 2019:

Reach. Post realize is the number of unique users that saw your article. How far is the articles currently dispersing across societal? Is it reaching consumer’s feeds? At the face of calculations that are organic, monitoring reach is more significant than ever.

Clicks. Here is the quantity of clicks on your own articles, business name or logo. Link clicks are crucial toward knowing how users move throughout your marketing funnel. Tracking clicks per effort is vital to understand what motivates people to get or pushes fascination.

Engagement. The entire number of societal interactions divided by the amount of impressions. For involvement, it is about seeing when it was a ratio from your reach that is complete and who cried. This sheds light on you are perceived by your audience and also their willingness.

Hashtag functionality. Which were your hottest hashtags in your side? Which were associated with your own brand? Or what hashtags generated the involvement?

Organic and compensated enjoys: Over simply normal Likes, these enjoys are defined from organic or paid content. For stations such as Facebook, organic participation is a lot more difficult to obtain traction, which explains exactly why a lot of manufacturers turn into Facebook Ads. But, earning enjoys on Instagram is not quite as hard.

Sentiment. Here is the dimension of how users responded to your articles, brand or hashtag. Was your effort offensive found by clients? Which sort of opinion are individuals and your effort hashtag associating? Discover what folks are saying and it is always much better to dig.

· An effective networking marketing strategy is dispersed in
amounts. Nevertheless, those numbers have to be set into a context that circles
to your objectives.

· 4. Dig into what your opponents do

· You ought to have a great idea about exactly what your
competitors are around, before you begin creating articles.

· This involves doing might need some investigation. Some
manufacturers may also check into third party competition evaluation tools to
dig deeper in their opponents’ numbers.

· Looking at the existence of your competition will notify
your networking marketing plan that is social. Steal or the goal here is not to
copycat your opponents’ thoughts. It’s to ascertain ways to adapt your
campaigns so and what is working for them.

· Same business, distinct approaches

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Internet Entrepreneurship: First Step, Getting Started

First steps: choosing the business

When I was thinking about starting an internet business there were a few things that were must have requirements.

The first one was that I needed to be able to get the business to profitability for less than $1600. In practice each site has cost more than that when you figure in the marketing costs needed to get it off the ground quickly. The silk tie retailing site was set up for less than $300 but when you factor in marketing spend, then I have spent almost $800 per month on marketing, mostly Google Adwords and Overture. It is only after month three that I have got close to breaking even. Anyway, near enough and if you are more patient and make less costly mistakes than me then you should be able to do it for less.

Secondly. The business had to need as little manual work as possible. I am after a business that I can start working part time and as am a management consultant and sell my time by the hour, for me time really is money. I am also not keen on hiring people if I can avoid it. The internet has the potential to offer some really virtual businesses and I wanted to use this.

For this reason as well as start-up costs this means that I do not want to stock or handle any products. I do a lot of supply chain consulting work so it was obvious to me that I could have a business that used other companies to buy, store and deliver the products. The easiest way to do this is by using dropshipping. Dropshippers are wholesalers that ship individual customer orders direct to your customers.

I am after a business that I can start working part time and as am a management consultant and sell my time by the hour, for me time really is money. I am also not keen on hiring people if I can avoid it. The internet has the potential to offer some really virtual businesses and I wanted to use this. For this reason as well as start-up costs this means that I do not want to stock or handle any products. I do a lot of supply chain consulting work so it was obvious to me that I could have a business that used other companies to buy, store and deliver the products. The easiest way to do this is by using dropshipping. Dropshippers are wholesalers that ship individual customer orders direct to your customers.

There is a lot of information on dropshipping online, however it has to be said that there are some terrible dropshipping companies where prices are too high or products too common to successful. Typical of these is Select which charges a fee to join, but once you join you find that the prices are often higher than they are being sold for on eBay and are widely sold with lots of competition. It is very hard to make good money from these sort of dropshippers. There are however some good companies out there with niche products where achievable margins are good.

The third requirement was that the business needed to have the potential to generate at least $1k per month in profit. That way with a few web businesses it could become my full time job. I decided that I was not trying to start the next Amazon, instead I was after a good profitable niche. Something not too competitive and with no house-hold names as competitors. This means that I have not gone into electronics even though it is the area I know the best, it is a very competitive market online and were competition includes Amazon and Dixons. To be successful in electronics you either need to find a niche not served by the big boys or spend serious money to get established and get good Amazon Reviews.

then started searching for business ideas. I read the get rich quick newsletters, internet marketing newsletters, internet business forums and drop shipping websites. I searched for dropship suppliers then when I found a product that I thought might be promising, did a search for it and checked out the competition. If after that it still looked interesting then I did a keyword search on Google AdWords to find out how many clicks I could get and at what cost.

While doing this I came across some sites selling ready-made business websites. Essentially they provide a shop template, a catalogue and a supplier of stock and off you go. These sell for between ú50 ($80) and ú500 ($800). I wasted a fair bit of money with a couple of false starts. I bid on a lingerie web business template on eBay with a starting price of ú99; my wife was a lingerie merchandiser for Marks & Spencers and so I thought she could help, then I saw a gadgets website from the same people and thought I would get that and see if I could find a gadgets niche and bid for that too. Trouble was I then did some more research and found that lingerie was very competitive online and that the supplier I would be getting had a limited selection of very tarty undies at rather high prices. I also found that the gadget supplier was the Select and as I have already said they are overpriced. I then found the tie web business and decided this was a better niche where margins really are 60% and bought that one from UK who have been very good. Unfortunately no one else bid on the two on eBay and I ended up winning them although I no longer wanted them. $300 wasted. Oops. So do your homework carefully before buying; look carefully at the sample sites and try and find some clues to the suppliers, check the competition out and make sure the margins are high enough.

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Link Building Strategies That Work

There are a number of ideas about what are the best ways to promote a website and about the best ways to attract more visitors to a website. In my opinion, it is important to start up a link building campaign to increase the number of websites which have a link to your site on their site. This is one proven method which has been successful in achieving high rankings for many different sites, however there are some important factors to keep in mind when attempting to build up this link network.

If you have a new site and are desperate to achieve top rankings
on the top search engines such as Google, think again. Most of these search
engines will probably not give your new site a high ranking until it has become
established. This is where the age of the domain is important. You cannot in
reality expect to be placed in a higher search position than a site which has
been around for eight years and which has been building up links, during this
period. This is where patience is required, you should see your site as
something which is going to be online for a long time and hopefully in time,
some of the other sites that you are competing with will have dropped out etc.

This is the same attitude that should be applied when building up the number of backward links pointing to your site. Going from only a few, to a few thousand in a short space of time may not be the best idea. Regular increases are in my opinion the way to go and quality is just as important as quantity. Decide the ways in which you are planning to obtain your backward links and try to ensure that you obtain roughly the same amount each month, where possible of course. Over a long period of time this strategy is sure to pay dividends and your search engine position should steadily improve. You will then have an authority site, which all new sites will be aspiring to compete with. Like many areas of life we do not really want to wait for our success and want immediate rewards, such as high rankings. On some search engines this may be possible but on most it will require hard work and this type of patience.

The links that you obtain should where possible be from sites which are in a similar industry or subject matter, to your own site. This is a lot easier said than done however. If your site is very well written, optimized and of use to a large number of people, you may well receive links on other sites without the need to request the link. This is of course exactly what you want and is why it is important to spend time thinking of how your site is written and presented.

A good way of obtaining a link to your site is to write a reference or testimonial to owners of other sites with which you have had dealings with. Offer to write them this testimonial which of course will be of great benefit to them, on the understanding that they will include a link back to your site at the bottom.

I personally concentrate on obtaining one-way links as I believe these to have the most value. One way I do this is by writing articles such as the one you are reading. There are a great number of benefits of writing articles which can be read at most of the article directories. I would certainly recommend it to other people who are thinking of starting up a link building campaign.

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Making Sense of Internet Marketing for your business profile

The key components of an Internet marketing program include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Placement, Affiliate Marketing and Viral/Social Marketing.  The goal of all of these is to increase a website traffic (number of people who visit) however each uses a different tactic to meet this goal.  An effective Internet marketing program leverages a mix of these components to maximize their value at a particular point in the overall program.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an attempt to increase your website ranking in organic (non-paid) search results in Google, Yahoo! and other search engines.  Search engines use complex, proprietary algorithms to determine how a page ranks.  In general higher ranking is achieved by optimizing the actual website content to increase its relevancy to certain search words (keywords).  Additionally, SEO attempts to increase the website perceived authority by acquiring quality links to your website from other complementary sites (back links).  Finally higher ranking websites are highly visible to search engines meaning most or all of their web pages are indexed by the search engines.

Many aspects of a complete SEO effort can be outsourced, but some aspects are more effective when controlled by those most familiar with the product or service.   SEO generally has a longer-term ROI than other Internet marketing methods because a websiteÆs authority is generally built over time.  It is important to know that SEO is never truly finished.  Competition and buyer preferences change and evolve over time, therefore, the authority of a website changes and must be re-evaluated routinely.

Effectiveness of a SEO program is measured in terms of search result rank, search engine saturation and overall visibility.  Result rank is determined by how high a website appears in organic results.  Saturation is an indication of how much of a website is indexed by search engines and overall visibility shows how many references are found for a website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) essentially is a shortcut to increased search result rankings.  By sponsoring links in search engine results, advertisers can ensure that relevant links are displayed along with search results whenever certain keywords are searched for.  These are generally displayed above or in a separate column beside organic results.  In these pay per click (PPC) programs advertisers bid to determine ranking and only pay when links are actually clicked by a visitor.

SEM can be, and probably is best, outsourced.  Experienced SEM practitioners can maximize the results of a pay-per-click program by increasing the quality of website visitors.  Additionally, knowledge of the bidding process and keyword selection can significantly reduce the amount paid per click-through over time.

SEM has the shortest term ROI as resulting traffic is immediate and measurable.  The ability to tightly control expenses, all the way down to cost per click, makes the expense very predictable.  Negatively, there is little if any residual value effect of SEM beyond potential relationships with new buyers.  SEM is predominately a point in time exercise, although it can be very effective during a campaign.

Paid Placement is similar to traditional print or media advertising.   Advertisers pay a fee to have their add is played on a website or alongside search engine results.  Ads are often banners that include a marketing message that entices viewers to click the ad and be transferred to the advertiser website.  Paid placement also includes sponsored links on content pages, paid reviews or pop-up ads that appear before or on top of a content page.

Paid placement can include SEM tactics, but here the sponsored links appear on content websites rather than search engine results pages.  Placement is based on relevancy of selected keywords and the displaying website content.  The advertiser has limited control over where ads appear.  Ads on content sites generally rank higher for lower bids than on search engine results.

Direct placement of ads on specific content sites is generally based on a set fee or per million impressions (displays).  Direct placement allows an advertiser to specify specific website, durations and potentially exact placement on a page.  This is most effective if a product or service would appeal to visitors of a specific website.  For instance, Dell might place an ad on a computer buying guide website.

Purchase and management of direct placement ads can be outsourced, although it requires less expertise and oversight than SEM.

Affiliate Marketing allows website owners to resell products or services for a percentage or set fee commission.  Commissions may be paid for sales, leads or even website visit referrals.  Almost all major retail stores support affiliate marketing programs and generally use a third party service to manage the relationship with affiliates.  While affiliate marketing allows a product or service provider to extend its marketing capability it is still responsible for all aspects of distribution.

Affiliate marketing can be outsourced in part or whole.  Generally the affiliate marketer selects an affiliate management provider to handle acquiring and managing new affiliates.

Although not an absolute, Affiliate marketing tends to be most utilized by product or service providers who have a wide range of products to offer.  This increases the likelihood that content site owners are going to assign valuable screen space to a product.  Alternatively the provider may offer higher incentive commissions or target very specific content sites.

Friends holding up thought bubbles with social media concept icons

Viral/Social Marketing is similar to traditional word of mouth advertising although done through websites.  Marketers attempt create buzz about their products by leveraging social networks, emails, blogs, videos or other venues that allow viewers to easily spread the word. This form of Internet marketing is often associated with the term Web 2.0 because it tends to leverage more user driven venues and content rather than commercial content sites.

Viral/Social Internet marketing, much like SEO is an ongoing effort and similarly it is possible to outsource all or some efforts in this area.  Development of complex marketing campaigns would likely be outsourced to a marketing firm specializing in leveraging the Internet, however, smaller campaigns and the tactical aspects could be handled internally or by your SEO/SEM partner.

In closing, an effective Internet marketing program will leverage some or all of these components in a complementary way.  Each component brings visitors to a website through its own unique tactics, timeframe and cost.  If planned and managed properly, each component can be utilized by the next one to create even greater value.  A successful Internet marketing plan will consider the short-term, long-term and budgetary goals of the product or service provider, deploying the components that met those goals.

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Is Branding a Legitimate Internet Marketing Strategy?

Internet marketing is all about hard results, not generic concepts
of branding. Still, there are ways to go about branding your product or service
on the net without spending a fortune.

Branding refers to the vague notion of creating an identity for a product, service or name with consumers. The classic example, of course, is Coca Cola. Being first on the scene, the company has been able to create such a strong name brand that most people use the word coke instead of soda when ordering. This is true even when they prefer Pepsi. In the world of marketing, we all bow before the marketing team that accomplished this branding. The Internet, however, is a different beast. That same marketing team would be crushed if they went after a similar strategy on the net.

The Internet is so large that branding is an expensive and
difficult goal unless you are the first major presence in a niche. Sites like EBay
and Amazon were the first major money players in their fields, giving them a
huge advantage over subsequent competitors. Unless you are coming to a field
with a lot of money and no current dominant site, your branding efforts are
going to meet with failure or limited success at best. If you want to stick
with it, the only cost effective and ultimately successful strategy is to
pursue a width search engine optimization campaign.

Search engine optimization is simply an effort to get pages on your site ranked high in search results on the three big search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. To establish your brand, the best Internet marketing strategy is to identify every single phrase your prospects use to find services or products in your business area. You then build optimized pages for every single phrase and get them ranked.

This strategy has two benefits. First, it will produce free traffic to your site. If you build 200 pages and each gets 50 visitors a day, your site will receive 10,000 visitors a day. The second benefit is your brand becomes established. Regardless of what the prospect searches for, they keep seeing your site. This creates both recognition and credibility with the prospect as they tend to equate high rankings with quality. As they visit your site over and over, they will also become readily familiar with your unique selling position as presented on the site.

If you want to establish a brand, avoid wasting your money on
banners and such unless you are in a niche that isnt dominated by any single
site. Instead, use the width search engine optimization tactic to establish
your site and pick up free traffic.

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How Social Media Has changed Politics and Voters lives in 2019

How Social Media Has changed Politics

using social media in politics together with Twitter, fb, and YouTube has dramatically modified the way campaigns are run and how Americans have interaction with their elected officers.
the superiority of social media in politics has made elected officers and applicants for public office extra responsible and reachable to citizens. And the capacity to publish content material and broadcast it to tens of millions of humans right now permits campaigns to cautiously manipulate their applicants’ pics based totally on wealthy units of analytics in realtime and at nearly no fee.
here are 10 ways Twitter, facebook, and YouTube have changed American politics.

Direct contact with Voters

How Social Media Has changed Politics

Social media gear which include facebook, Twitter, and Youtube permit politicians to talk at once to electorate for free. the usage of those social media allows politicians to bypass the traditional technique of reaching citizens through paid advertising and marketing or earned media.

marketing without paying for marketing

How Social Media Has changed Politics

It has emerge as fairly not unusual for political campaigns to provide classified ads and put up them totally free on YouTube as opposed to, or in addition to, purchasing time on television or the radio.
often times, newshounds protecting campaigns will write approximately those YouTube advertisements, basicallybroadcasting their message to a much wider audience without charge to the politicians.

How Campaigns go Viral

Twitter and facebook have turn out to be instrumental in organizing campaigns. They permit like-minded citizens and activists to without difficulty share news and records consisting of campaign events with every other. that’s what the “proportion” function on fb and “retweet” feature of Twitter are for.
Donald Trump used Twitter closely in his 2016 presidential marketing campaign. “i really like it due to the fact i will get additionally my point of view accessible, and my factor of view could be very essential to a variety of people that aresearching at me,” Trump stated.

Tailoring the Message to the target market

Political campaigns can tap right into a wealth of information or analytics about the people who are following them on social media, and customise their messages based on selected demographics. In other phrases, a campaign might alsodiscover one message suitable for electorate under 30 years vintage will not be as powerful with over 60 years vintage.


a few campaigns have used so-known as “money bombs” to elevate massive amounts of coins in a quick time period. money bombs are normally 24-hour periods wherein applicants press their supporters to donate cash. They use social media consisting of Twitter and fb to get the word out and often tie those cash bombs to specific controversies that emerge for the duration of campaigns.
The popular libertarian Ron Paul, who ran for president in 2008, has orchestrated some of the maximum successful cashbomb fundraising campaigns.
Direct get entry to to electorate also has its disadvantage. Handlers and public-members of the family experts oftenmanipulate a candidate’s photo, and for correct motive: allowing a baby-kisser to send out unfiltered tweets or facebookposts has landed many a candidate in hot water or in embarrassing situations. a good instance is Anthony Weiner.
requesting feedback from voters or parts can be an awesome component. And it is able to be a very awful component, depending on how politicians respond. Many campaigns hire staffers to display their social media channels for a terribleresponse and scrub some thing unflattering. but this kind of bunker-like mentality can make a campaign seem defensiveand closed off from the public. properly run current-day campaigns will engage the general public irrespective ofwhether their feedback is poor or effective.

Weighing Public Opinion

The fee of social media is in its immediacy. Politicians and marketing campaign do clearly nothing with out first knowinghow their coverage statements or moves will play the various citizens, and Twitter and facebook each permit them to right now gauge how the public is responding to an issue or controversy. Politicians can then adjust their campaigns thus, in real time, without using e9903ad95ad37314b776e582a45a05bf experts or highly-priced polling.

it’s Hip

One cause social media is powerful is that it engages younger voters. commonly, older people generally tend to make up the most important part of voters who surely go to the polls. however Twitter and fb have energized more youthfulcitizens, which has had a profound impact on elections. President Barack Obama become the first flesh presser to tap into the electricity of social media throughout his a success campaigns.

The energy of Many

Social media equipment have allowed individuals to without difficulty be a part of collectively to petition the authoritiesand their elected officials, leveraging their numbers against the impact of effective lobbyists and monied unique hobbies. Make no mistake, lobbyists and special hobby still have the top hand, however the day will come when the strength of social media allows like-minded citizens to sign up for collectively in methods a good way to be simply as powerful.

One cause social media is powerful is that it engages younger voters. commonly, older people generally tend to make up the most important part of voters who surely go to the polls. however Twitter and fb have energized more youthfulcitizens, which has had a profound impact on elections. President Barack Obama become the first flesh presser to tap into the electricity of social media throughout his a success campaigns.