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Internet Entrepreneurship: First Step, Getting Started

First steps: choosing the business

When I was thinking about starting an internet business there were
a few things that were must have requirements.

The first one was that I needed to be able to get the business to profitability for less than $1600. In practice each site has cost more than that when you figure in the marketing costs needed to get it off the ground quickly. The silk tie retailing site was set up for less than $300 but when you factor in marketing spend, then I have spent almost $800 per month on marketing, mostly Google Adwords and Overture. It is only after month three that I have got close to breaking even. Anyway, near enough and if you are more patient and make less costly mistakes than me then you should be able to do it for less.

Secondly. The business had to need as little manual work as possible. I am after a business that I can start working part time and as am a management consultant and sell my time by the hour, for me time really is money. I am also not keen on hiring people if I can avoid it. The internet has the potential to offer some really virtual businesses and I wanted to use this.

For this reason as well as start-up costs this means that I do not want to stock or handle any products. I do a lot of supply chain consulting work so it was obvious to me that I could have a business that used other companies to buy, store and deliver the products. The easiest way to do this is by using dropshipping. Dropshippers are wholesalers that ship individual customer orders direct to your customers.

I am after a business that I can start working part time and as am a management consultant and sell my time by the hour, for me time really is money. I am also not keen on hiring people if I can avoid it. The internet has the potential to offer some really virtual businesses and I wanted to use this. For this reason as well as start-up costs this means that I do not want to stock or handle any products. I do a lot of supply chain consulting work so it was obvious to me that I could have a business that used other companies to buy, store and deliver the products. The easiest way to do this is by using dropshipping. Dropshippers are wholesalers that ship individual customer orders direct to your customers.

There is a lot of information on dropshipping online, however it has to be said that there are some terrible dropshipping companies where prices are too high or products too common to successful. Typical of these is Select which charges a fee to join, but once you join you find that the prices are often higher than they are being sold for on eBay and are widely sold with lots of competition. It is very hard to make good money from these sort of dropshippers. There are however some good companies out there with niche products where achievable margins are good.

The third requirement was that the business needed to have the potential to generate at least $1k per month in profit. That way with a few web businesses it could become my full time job. I decided that I was not trying to start the next Amazon, instead I was after a good profitable niche. Something not too competitive and with no house-hold names as competitors. This means that I have not gone into electronics even though it is the area I know the best, it is a very competitive market online and were competition includes Amazon and Dixons. To be successful in electronics you either need to find a niche not served by the big boys or spend serious money to get established and get good Amazon Reviews.

then started searching for business ideas. I read the get rich quick newsletters, internet marketing newsletters, internet business forums and drop shipping websites. I searched for dropship suppliers then when I found a product that I thought might be promising, did a search for it and checked out the competition. If after that it still looked interesting then I did a keyword search on Google AdWords to find out how many clicks I could get and at what cost.

While doing this I came across some sites selling ready-made business websites. Essentially they provide a shop template, a catalogue and a supplier of stock and off you go. These sell for between ú50 ($80) and ú500 ($800). I wasted a fair bit of money with a couple of false starts. I bid on a lingerie web business template on eBay with a starting price of ú99; my wife was a lingerie merchandiser for Marks & Spencers and so I thought she could help, then I saw a gadgets website from the same people and thought I would get that and see if I could find a gadgets niche and bid for that too. Trouble was I then did some more research and found that lingerie was very competitive online and that the supplier I would be getting had a limited selection of very tarty undies at rather high prices. I also found that the gadget supplier was the Select and as I have already said they are overpriced. I then found the tie web business and decided this was a better niche where margins really are 60% and bought that one from UK who have been very good. Unfortunately no one else bid on the two on eBay and I ended up winning them although I no longer wanted them. $300 wasted. Oops. So do your homework carefully before buying; look carefully at the sample sites and try and find some clues to the suppliers, check the competition out and make sure the margins are high enough.

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Making Sense of Internet Marketing for your business profile

The key components of an Internet marketing program include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Placement, Affiliate Marketing and Viral/Social Marketing.  The goal of all of these is to increase a website traffic (number of people who visit) however each uses a different tactic to meet this goal.  An effective Internet marketing program leverages a mix of these components to maximize their value at a particular point in the overall program.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an attempt to increase your website ranking in organic (non-paid) search results in Google, Yahoo! and other search engines.  Search engines use complex, proprietary algorithms to determine how a page ranks.  In general higher ranking is achieved by optimizing the actual website content to increase its relevancy to certain search words (keywords).  Additionally, SEO attempts to increase the website perceived authority by acquiring quality links to your website from other complementary sites (back links).  Finally higher ranking websites are highly visible to search engines meaning most or all of their web pages are indexed by the search engines.

Many aspects of a complete SEO effort can be outsourced, but some aspects are more effective when controlled by those most familiar with the product or service.   SEO generally has a longer-term ROI than other Internet marketing methods because a websiteÆs authority is generally built over time.  It is important to know that SEO is never truly finished.  Competition and buyer preferences change and evolve over time, therefore, the authority of a website changes and must be re-evaluated routinely.

Effectiveness of a SEO program is measured in terms of search result rank, search engine saturation and overall visibility.  Result rank is determined by how high a website appears in organic results.  Saturation is an indication of how much of a website is indexed by search engines and overall visibility shows how many references are found for a website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) essentially is a shortcut to increased search result rankings.  By sponsoring links in search engine results, advertisers can ensure that relevant links are displayed along with search results whenever certain keywords are searched for.  These are generally displayed above or in a separate column beside organic results.  In these pay per click (PPC) programs advertisers bid to determine ranking and only pay when links are actually clicked by a visitor.

SEM can be, and probably is best, outsourced.  Experienced SEM practitioners can maximize the results of a pay-per-click program by increasing the quality of website visitors.  Additionally, knowledge of the bidding process and keyword selection can significantly reduce the amount paid per click-through over time.

SEM has the shortest term ROI as resulting traffic is immediate and measurable.  The ability to tightly control expenses, all the way down to cost per click, makes the expense very predictable.  Negatively, there is little if any residual value effect of SEM beyond potential relationships with new buyers.  SEM is predominately a point in time exercise, although it can be very effective during a campaign.

Paid Placement is similar to traditional print or media advertising.   Advertisers pay a fee to have their add is played on a website or alongside search engine results.  Ads are often banners that include a marketing message that entices viewers to click the ad and be transferred to the advertiser website.  Paid placement also includes sponsored links on content pages, paid reviews or pop-up ads that appear before or on top of a content page.

Paid placement can include SEM tactics, but here the sponsored links appear on content websites rather than search engine results pages.  Placement is based on relevancy of selected keywords and the displaying website content.  The advertiser has limited control over where ads appear.  Ads on content sites generally rank higher for lower bids than on search engine results.

Direct placement of ads on specific content sites is generally based on a set fee or per million impressions (displays).  Direct placement allows an advertiser to specify specific website, durations and potentially exact placement on a page.  This is most effective if a product or service would appeal to visitors of a specific website.  For instance, Dell might place an ad on a computer buying guide website.

Purchase and management of direct placement ads can be outsourced, although it requires less expertise and oversight than SEM.

Affiliate Marketing allows website owners to resell products or services for a percentage or set fee commission.  Commissions may be paid for sales, leads or even website visit referrals.  Almost all major retail stores support affiliate marketing programs and generally use a third party service to manage the relationship with affiliates.  While affiliate marketing allows a product or service provider to extend its marketing capability it is still responsible for all aspects of distribution.

Affiliate marketing can be outsourced in part or whole.  Generally the affiliate marketer selects an affiliate management provider to handle acquiring and managing new affiliates.

Although not an absolute, Affiliate marketing tends to be most utilized by product or service providers who have a wide range of products to offer.  This increases the likelihood that content site owners are going to assign valuable screen space to a product.  Alternatively the provider may offer higher incentive commissions or target very specific content sites.

Friends holding up thought bubbles with social media concept icons

Viral/Social Marketing is similar to traditional word of mouth advertising although done through websites.  Marketers attempt create buzz about their products by leveraging social networks, emails, blogs, videos or other venues that allow viewers to easily spread the word. This form of Internet marketing is often associated with the term Web 2.0 because it tends to leverage more user driven venues and content rather than commercial content sites.

Viral/Social Internet marketing, much like SEO is an ongoing effort and similarly it is possible to outsource all or some efforts in this area.  Development of complex marketing campaigns would likely be outsourced to a marketing firm specializing in leveraging the Internet, however, smaller campaigns and the tactical aspects could be handled internally or by your SEO/SEM partner.

In closing, an effective Internet marketing program will leverage some or all of these components in a complementary way.  Each component brings visitors to a website through its own unique tactics, timeframe and cost.  If planned and managed properly, each component can be utilized by the next one to create even greater value.  A successful Internet marketing plan will consider the short-term, long-term and budgetary goals of the product or service provider, deploying the components that met those goals.

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    SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    Going social must be based on business goal

    Much like any other form of marketing, you can only complete valuable results through Social Media channels if you can define what those results are upfront and create your social media platforms around these objectives.

    Your first step is to describe whether you should be on social media at all.  What do you hope to achieve in real business objectives by being on social media platforms?  It’s crucial that you use social media to support real business goals like customer acquisition or increased sales.

    Businesses can use Social Media to successfully help with certain business objectives, including:

     SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    • Community Building and Engagement
      Social media is not just about extending your brand message.  It is also about creating a community around your brand and then captivating with this community to get direct feedback on your products and services.


    • Awareness
      Engaged communities will easily share your content and spiral your message, increasing your brand awareness across different social media platforms, and to new markets.


    • Sales
      Social media is not a direct sales tool, but if used right, social media can be a useful tool to engage with communities that might be in the sales cycle for products and services like yours.

    Only once you’ve settled on why you should be on social media and what you hope to achieve, should you move onto deciding which social media platforms to use of the social media “Big 6″ being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +/Google Communities.  YouTube may also be thought out as a social media platform, but is really more of a content platform from which links are shared.

    For each platform you decide to use, you need to know accurately who your audience is and what you plan to say to them.  Then you should put together your content plan and allocate essential resources to execute these plans.


    Social Media Marketing lifestyle

    SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    Take a minute to open your personal Facebook account and really think about what it is companies are posting about and advertising.

    Content marketing is becoming less about the words you put on a page and more about the involvement you create for your followers. With social media marketing becoming a daily influence in both personal and professional lives, your content technique is key.

    So what should your social media strategy include? To create this ‘lifestyle’ approach that connects with your followers on the next level, think about including a mix of the following:

    Service/Product offerings:

    Although this is possibly the one thing every company does on social media, try to share your service offerings in different ways – think about key messages and how you’re imitating them.
    Note: Trying to straight out hard sell to your followers constantly will result in lower engagement levels and a higher unfollowed rate.

    Blogging is something we inspire all our clients to get involved with. It’s a great form of content marketing and once pushed through to social media accounts, it helps exceedingly with generating traffic to your website and gives your followers that little bit extra content!

    Industry News:
    With an impressive rise in people looking to social media for the latest news and happenings, forward thinking companies are taking to social media to share news relevant to their following. If you’re in professional services, be sure to share news on what’s happening and how it may affect your followers.
    Note: Be sure to check a website’s reliability and read articles carefully to ensure you’re not sharing ‘fake news’ in order not to hurt your own business’s reputation and positioning.

    Interesting related articles:
    Who doesn’t love a good read? Mix it up, if it’s on brand/compatible to your business offerings, chances are your audience will engage. Think, “10 benefits for… 5 ways how… did you know…”

    Throw in a promotion/contest – show your followers you appreciate their attention and commitment to your brand by giving back. “For the month of May receive 20% off… Like and Share for your chance to win this…”

    Behind the Scenes:
    Show a bit of company traits! If you’re in retail, fashion or hospitality, get on Snapchat and connect with your audience in a more personal way by snapping that photo shoot, or new menu.

    Customer Experiences:
    Every now and then share a client’s experience, give your brand that reality aspect – millennial’s these day’s love nothing more than checking out reviews to see whether your product or service is for them!

    Motivating, inspiring and humorous, informative, academic – everyone loves a good quote they can relate too.
    Note: Quotes are re-shared and liked like crazy, so it’s a good start to engage your audience!

    Visuals are key – ask any marketing specialist how important the visual aspect of any communication is! Be creative, yet strategic and guarantee all your images are in line with your brand.
    Note: Infographics are also great! Easy to understand and visually appealing.

    If you need assistance with your social media marketing, has some of the sharpest young social media experts experienced across multiple industries. Contact Us today!

    Small business tips: how to use social media to increase business

    SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    Knowing how to capitalise on your brand’s social media existence is crucial. Small business experts and entrepreneurs share their tips for turning ‘likes’ into profits

    Social media is changing the way business is carried out. A recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK found that nearly 80% of customers  would be more inclined to buy more often in the future because of a brand’s occupancy on social media.

    For small firms, knowing how to capitalise on this is crucial. Julia Bramble, founder of social media consultancy Bramble Buzz, says: “If businesses haven’t got the right [social media] presence then they’re really going to be missing out, because consumers are expecting to find businesses and brands on there.”

    What SME owners must focus on, says Bramble, is their target market: “The key message is to think about who your clients are, think about everything you know about them, where they live, what their lifestyles are, what their curiosity are, business wise and outside of business, and that’ll give you big clues as to the social networks they’re likely to be using.”

    Decide which platforms are right for you

    SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    Not all social media platforms will be suitable for your business and the goals and objectives you’ve set. Below we offer a high-level look at the most popular platforms.

    • Facebook: The world’s most favourite social media network with more than 2 billion users as of September 2017, it features the biggest number of regular users, making it the most engaging network in terms of sheer reach. For more, check out our definitive Facebook marketing guide for business.
    • Instagram: Instagram’s claim to fame is its visual-centric access, where successful marketing is based in large part on the creative appeal of the content you share. This platform also swank the best engagement levels among all social networks at 59 percent, according to the 2016 Bloglovin’ Global Influencer Survey. Related: How to Use Instagram for Business: A Complete Guide for Marketers.
    • LinkedIn: The world’s biggest social networking site for professionals with more than 467 million users. Learn how to put the platform to work for your business with our inclusive LinkedIn marketing guide.
    • Twitter: Twitter is famous for its brevity thanks to the 280-character tweet limit. Our imperative guide to Twitter marketing will teach you everything you need to know about tweeting your way to social media success.
    • Snapchat: An abandon content platform that’s especially popular with younger demographics. Here’s everything you need to know about using Snapchat for business
    • YouTube: An excellent resource for brands who have the possessions to take advantage of the popularity of online videos. Learn more about using the platform with our post 18 Smart Ways to advertise Your YouTube Channel.
    • Pinterest: What makes Pinterest exclusive is its users, who are searching to find ideas for all parts of their lives. This makes Pinterest ideal for driving action, such as an acquisition or a visit to your website. Learn more in our comprehensive guide to using Pinterest for business.

    Lifestyle Branding

    SMM Benefits in both business and Lifestyle Branding

    • When you take a devise brand voice and blend it with an intangible added value campaign message, what you end up with is lifestyle branding.
    • Traditionally, lifestyle branding worked for products that had no practical function, like clothing fashions or jewellery.  Luxury items, where people pay more just for singleness, use lifestyle branding.  When someone buys a Gucci bag instead of one at Target, they do it because the view they have of their life matches the quality and style of Gucci (not because the bag holds more stuff or will last longer).
    • Lifestyle branding tells a story.  A story of how your product fits into the recognized lifestyle of your customers.
    • Which brings us back to social media marketing.  Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are really storytelling platforms.  While talking about product facial characteristics will totally flop, a storyline that makes the unreal, emotional value connection is a perfect fit for the type of content people consume on social media.  Funny, interesting, surprising (even obscene if that fits your brand voice) content is engages people and gets shared through their networks.
    • And your brand story spreads.  For KPIs, you can track followers, likes, barometer traffic, and even improved SEO on your website.  But overall, SMM is about deepen your brand story and making the lifestyle connection with your audience.
    • When they take your story to heart and begin to build your product into their lives, you’ve polished a powerful marketing goal.
    • It isn’t fully mirrored in a number graph or pie chart.  It’s more intangible in value.
    • But like car that makes you feel like you care about the community or the smartphone that makes you feel popular, it’s a value that’s as real as a steering wheel or touch screen.


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    About Us

    Tryviews is over 2 years old and helped establish the social media marketing industry through our thought leadership. At the original social media agency®

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